From imagery to critical intelligence

Meticulous data collection and state of the art processing to deliver data products that reflect the risk our clients have to face every single day



Everything we do starts with imagery

We turn the lenses of some of the world’s most powerful commercial satellites on your assets, to provide a full picture and help you respond to what is happening on the ground wherever you operate.


Advanced processing to make the invisible come to light

Using advanced processing techniques and machine learning, we help you visualise things you normally wouldn’t be able to see. Whether it is helping you monitor subtle surface movement, changes in vegetation health or surface water level, we have you covered.

Integrated semiconductor microchip/ microprocessor on blue circuit board


Tracking a wide range of indicators

With each reporting period, we diligently track a number of structural, environmental, economic and social indicators…. and that list is growing.

We strive to keep an eye on all potential indicators that could impact our clients day-to-day operations..


Expert analysis to highlight critical change

Our expert analysts identify changes that could be critical to your day-to-day operations. Our event-based intelligence products can allow you to quickly identify issues requiring immediate attention and support the deployment of human or financial resources to mitigate them.



Intuitive cloud-based platform

All our spatial intelligence products can be accessed through our cloud-based platform, providing easy access to a number of users within each organisations without the licensing costs. Access your data anytime, anywhere.