Intuitive spatial intelligence platform

Empower more people in your organisation to make better decisions with the right information available to them at the right time.

Easy access

Empower your team and improve both internal and external communications through access to a cloud-based platform without the cost typically associated with licensed software.

Access critical spatial intelligence anywhere… anytime.

Spatial data viewer

Our intuitive browser-based spatial data viewer allows you to view and interact with the geospatial data layers we generate without having to rely on technical or costly GIS software.

Discover the power of spatial intelligence.

Customised reporting

Our platform features a powerful filter to allow users to browse through all the data points and events to generate customised reports and create a personalised experience.

Share information efficiently and make decisions with confidence.

Interactive storyboards

Visualise and share spatial intelligence seamlessly with colleagues by creating your own customised interactive storyboard at the push of a button.

Save time and impress your colleagues at your next meeting.

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