Keeping an eye on critical indicators

We keep track of key indicators to help our clients assess and mitigate risk proactively


Identify unstable grounds or structures remotely

Detect subtle movement over large areas to identify impacts on critical structures as they develop or even before physical evidence can be identified on the ground.

  • Assess tailings dam integrity

  • Track mine induced subsidence

  • Monitor stability of stock and waste pile

  • Assess impacts on third party assets

  • Identify potential aquifer compaction


Keep track of change in environmental conditions

Monitor rehabilitation efforts and changes in water or vegetation even beyond operational boundaries to support reporting and the deployment of mitigating measures.

  • Track changes in vegetation health

  • Track changes in surface water levels

  • Riverbanks and wetland boundaries

  • Measure vegetation offsets

  • Keep track of rehabilitation efforts


Support your social license to operate

Keep an eye on local communities to identify signs of economic growth or share critical visual insight with stakeholders to prevent conflicts and minimise delays on projects.

  • Keep track of resettlement cost estimates

  • Monitor local communities

  • Track illegal mining or logging activities

  • Keep an eye on third party infrastructure


Monitor weather patterns and relevant feeds

Predict and mitigate issues related to climatic conditions. Monitor social trends and news that can impact your business.

  • Historical and near real time weather data

  • Keep track of changes in climatic trends

  • Quick access to relevant industry news

  • Track key social media influencers