Property Assessment Report

Assess the impact of infrastructure projects on your property through the monitoring of surface movement.


Monitoring surface movement from space.

Otus is making the results of an analysis performed over Sydney Metro available to property owners wishing to assess the potential impact of infrastructure projects on their property.

The analysis was performed using an archive of satellites images going back to January 2016 which can provide property owners with the ability to go back in time and identify when and to what extent infrastructure projects might have created surface deformation on or around their property and ultimately caused damage.

The analysis covers an area of about 650 square kilometers (coverage map shown on the right).

Sydney Metro Coverage Map

Baseline report

The baseline report provides an in depth look at the surface movement since January 2016 and a detailed look at the technology used to generate the analysis.

Analysis (3)
Technical (2)

Report content

1. Property Analysis

Detailed look at movement patterns using multiple measured points on the property and adjacent areas.  Easy visualisation of surface movement through maps showing a dense network of measured points and graphic timeseries.  With over 100 measurements taken over a 3 year period (1 measurement every 11 days), the timeseries allow to identify exact point in time when movement occurred, and assess increase in velocity that might be linked to construction work timelines.

2. Neighbourhood Assessment

As construction projects have only recently been completed or still ongoing, the report provides a quick analysis of surface movement trends in areas located in close proximity as a way to potentially predict future surface movement that might impact the property.

3. Project Updates

Quick access to relevant construction updates (highlight and link to online versions) to help identify whether tunnelling or excavation activities might be linked in time with the surface movement measurements.

4. Technology Overview

Detailed background information on the technology used to generate the analysis.

  • Analysis statistics
  • Description of the processing technique
  • Data acquisition and selection
  • Satellite viewing geometry
  • Processing conditions
  • Precision/accuracy statements

Update reports

As multiple tunnelling and excavation projects are still ongoing, Otus plans to provide updates to the analysis twice a year to help property owners who might be impacted by future projects.  This report will provide a quick revisit of the results found in the baseline report to identify if recent tunnelling or excavation work has impacted the property.

The option to buy updates will be available soon, so please keep an eye on this page.


Discover the power of spatial intelligence

  • Proven technology

    The technology used for this analysis has been used on multiple infrastructure projects in Asia, Europe and North America.

  • Go back in time

    Leveraging archived satellite imagery, go back in time to identify if and when your property might have been impacted.

  • Dense network of measurements

    The analysis provides more than 27,500 measured points per square kilometers, provided a powerful tool to visualise surface movement.

  • Timeline of movement

    Each points has been measured every 11 days since 2016, providing 100 individual measurements to identify when surface movement first occurred.

  • Zone of influence

    Assess whether surface movement occurred beyond the zone of influence used by the infrastructure project proponents to establish liability for damages.

  • Measure millimetres of movement

    The processing technique used for the analysis can detect millimeters of movement over areas of several hundreds of square kilometres.


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Baseline report for single family
residential properties.

3-year analysis
(January 2016 – January 2019)

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Residential Baseline Report
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Baseline report for commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential properties.

3-year analysis
(January 2016 – January 2019)

$875  / report

Otus Intelligence Group Pty Ltd

Commercial Baseline Report
Tax Amount: $87.50
Total Amount: $962.50

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