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Investigate, scope, monitor

Whether you are looking to investigate a specific event and need to go back in time, perform due diligence on an asset you plan to invest in or acquire or simply want to keep an eye on that asset going forward to assess your exposure to risk, we can help.

Versatile spatial intelligence solutions

Otus is offering a suite of premium risk management and compliance solutions that helps prevent and manage structural, environmental and social risk.


Our Investigative Product


Leverage deep satellite data archive to go back in time and support the investigation of specific events that caused delays or business interruptions.

Whether you are looking to mitigate, assess liability or identify potentially fraudulent insurance claims, our investigative products delivers critical insight to support your investigation.


Investigate the breach of a dam (tailings)

Identify negligent behaviour

Determine liability

Identify fraudulent insurance claims

Enforce compliance and regulation

Assess impact tunnelling or excavation projects

Assess impact of surface movement on property value

Tailored for

Mine operators


Independent review board

Legal firms

Government agencies


Our Due Diligence Product


Planning an acquisition or investment, or trying to accurately set the insurance premium for a specific client, we can deliver critical intelligence on potential structural and environmental risk for a more accurate assessment of your risk exposure.

Gain access to critical insight even without physical access to the site.


Identified hidden structural or environmental liabilities

Assess liabilities for accurate insurance premium setting

Assess potential sustainable or ethical investment targets

Validate information provided through voluntary disclosure

Identify/scope potential new clients or projects

Tailored for

Royalty and streaming companies


Self insured operators

Property Investors

Resource Investors


Our Monitoring Product


Monitor assets going forward to assess the performance of partners, clients, or to help decision making by validating the information that is being provided to you by your own personnel.

Mitigate or prevent potentially harmful events, optimise the deployment of personnel on the ground, support your sustainability reporting and increase stakeholder confidence with our monitoring solution.


Optimise deployment of personnel on the ground

Identify early signs of failure on dam or other structures, before visual evidence appears on the ground

Gain access to critical structural and environmental intelligence even without physical access to the site

Monitor remote assets or locations with limited access

Improve the flow of information both internally and with local stakeholders

Support sustainability reporting with access to consistent data across your entire organisation

Validate information provided through voluntary disclosure

Tailored for


Royalty and streaming companies

Mine operators (technical, executive, board levels)


Government agencies


Our Property Assessment Product


Assess damage related to infrastructure or construction projects (tunnelling, excavation) or even naturally occurring surface movement on your property to perform due diligence, assess liability and support the compensation process.

Whether you are a homeowners looking to protect your property or a large corporate entity owning real estate across multiple cities, our property solution aims to help mitigate the risk with owning property.


Assess the source of structural damage on a property

Go back in time to identify if and when your property was impacted

Demonstrate causation to support compensation claims for damage

Identify aquifer compaction impacting property

Identify areas that might be prone to sinkholes

Tailored for

Property owners

Home buyers


Property management companies


Investors with property portfolio

Real estate brokerage


Mortgage evaluators

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