Metals & Mining

Access critical spatial intelligence to optimise operations, minimise delays and interruptions, and improve your sustainability profile


A quick look at the sectors we serve

  • Mine Operators

    Keep track of key structural, environmental, economic and social indicators, to help your organisation mitigate risk proactively and enhance its sustainability profile

  • Exploration Companies

    Set up an accurate baseline prior to your exploration program announcement to help control payouts, optimise operational cost and support reporting

  • Joint Venture Partners

    Access critical insight to understand your exposure to risk by keeping an eye on operations and partners remotely even with limited access to the site

  • Royalty & Streaming

    Improve due diligence or keep an eye on the assets in your investment portfolio with critical insight on potential structural and environmental liabilities

We can help you unleash the power of spatial intelligence.   Let’s get started


Tailored solutions for the mining & metals market


We help our clients make better decisions through better data.

  • Optimised resource allocation

    We cover a lot of ground so you don’t have to. We can point to high risk areas so you can optimize the deployment of your survey and engineering crews on the ground.

  • Streamlined data sharing

    With data products tailored for both technical and non technical users, no need to wait for someone else to provide you with the data, just login and see for yourself.

  • Proactive risk management

    We can help you visualize the invisible, identifying potential problems early, even before evidence can be seen by personnel on the ground.

  • Improved stakeholder confidence

    Easily share data generated by a non biased third party with local communities or government agencies to improve communications and speed up approvals and compliance efforts.

  • Powerful oversight

    Access decision-critical intelligence for all your assets wherever you operate without even being there. To make sure you won’t miss something that could impact your business negatively.

  • Efficient sustainability reporting

    Easily gather data to start your sustainability reporting or share data with local communities and media outlets to promote your organisation’s sustainability efforts.