Leverage critical spatial intelligence to get both a holistic view and deep-dive granular details to assess insurance risk exposure.


A quick look at the sectors we serve

  • Brokers & Underwiters

    Critical spatial intelligence to assess and keep track of your exposure to risk by monitoring the behaviour of operators you share risk, wherever they operate

  • Self-Insured Operators

    Leverage space intelligence to understand your exposure to risk and accurately set self-bond amounts in compliance with local government regulations

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Tailored solutions for the insurance sector


We help our clients make better decisions through better data.

  • Assess post disaster damage

    Make quick assessment of damage following disasters with before and after analysis for efficient payouts process and estimation of claims amounts.

  • Detect land use change

    Monitor temporal land use change to keep up with land use classification for to improve understanding or risk exposure.

  • Understand risk exposure

    Issues that might be invisible to the naked eye often lead to costly claims, leverage spatial intelligence to identify potential problems early and enable proactive measures

  • Monitor customer behavior

    Assess how clients react when notified of potential issues, whether they mitigate issues proactively or roll the dice knowing their insurer will pick up the bill

  • Optimise resource allocation

    Assess damage and keep an eye on all the assets you insure remotely, to minimise costly and time consuming site visits.

  • Identify fraudulent claims

    Get your hands on the data you need to make quick assessments, reduce and even challenge false or misleading claims.