Capital Markets

Get a clear understanding of the environmental liability and risk attached to acquisition targets or assets in your investment portfolio.


A quick look at the sectors we serve

  • Resource Investors

    Identify sound investment opportunities and track current investments to identify key indicators that could trigger further investment or divestment

  • Ethical Investment Funds

    Keep an eye on potential investment targets to sort through organisation with a consistent track record and sound sustainable practices

  • Royalty and Streaming

    Improve due diligence or keep an eye on the assets in your investment portfolio with critical insight on potential structural and environmental liabilities

  • Consulting Company

    Help your client establish fair value for their acquisition with unparalleled insight to identify hidden structural and environmental liabilities

We can help you unleash the power of spatial intelligence.   Let’s get started


Tailored solutions for investors


We help our clients make better decisions through better data.

  • Scope acquisition targets

    Leverage spatial intelligence to identify potential structural and environmental liabilities on acquisitions targets, which may impact cost negotiations.

  • Improved transparency

    Access critical intelligence from an independent third party before making a decision on an investment or acquisition.

  • Comply with industry standards

    Accelerate access to capital through compliance to industry sustainability standards (ICMM’s 10 Principles and IFC’s Sustainability Framework).

  • Optimised capital allocation

    Consistent data across all your assets, to efficiently determine where capital should be allocated to address your organisations most pressing needs.

  • Identify ethical investments

    Gain access to critical intelligence from a objective third party to identify organisations with sound business practices.

  • Assess risk exposure

    Invest with confidence by keeping an eye on how the organisations you invest in identify and mitigate risk, to minimize the impact of business interruptions on stock value.