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Inner West Courier

Otus helping property owners get a fair go at compensation for damages linked to WestConnex

InnerWest Courier coverage highlighting how Otus is helping Sydney property owners assess the impact of tunnelling projects on their homes and get a fair go in their compensation claims. Click here for the full article:

Dam Samarco Brazil

Brazil disaster throws spotlight on tailings management

A recent feature on the management of tailings dams following another incident in Brazil which experienced its worst ever environmental disaster with the collapse of Dam 1 at Vale’s Córrego de Feijão iron ore mine in Bru...


Channel 9 Exclusive: Coverage of Otus Intel’s Westconnex analysis

9News broadcast an exclusive coverage on Otus Intelligence show images of our satellite analysis on Sydney homes and businesses along the WestConnex tunnelling. The reportedly positive responses by this coverage has prom...


Satellite data show WestConnex damage could ‘open floodgates’ on claims

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) features Otus Intelligence’s satellite analysis which shows subsidence along the WestConnex tunnelling affecting IKEA parking carpark, tens of thousands of homes and the ground...

Brumadinho (2)

Otus featured in latest Mining Monthly: Hi-tech solutions to avoid another Brazil

Mining Monthly Magazine reports Otus Intelligence’s solutions could help mining companies disastrous and deadly dam collapse that recently happened to Vale – one of the world’s largest mining operators....

Sinkholes Mine

Managing abandoned mine liability through better spatial data

The innovation of using satellite imagery to monitor land movement is becoming increasingly available to industries across the globe in assessing and identifying risk and the government sector is no exception. One of the...


Hedge funds gaining trading edge through satellite imagery

Hedge Fund managers are getting more sophisticated in their forecasting. No longer are they leaving their “guess work” to market analysis or company quarterly reports. Instead, more and more hedge funds are f...


Solving earth’s crises with satellite imagery

A solution to one of the world’s most pressing issues – a refugee crisis in the Middle East – may lie some 10 km away from the earth surface. Just like a scene from the Martian or Gravity, satellite imagery has been an i...


How satellite imagery and big data analytics are changing the insurance industry

“By 2020 the reinsurance industry would be widely utilising satellite imagery for loss assessment,” says Dennis Kessler of Lloyd’s – one of the world’s largest insurance markets. The insurance industry is increasingly em...


ABC interview: BHP Samarco tailings dam disaster

Spaceborne data analytics and better mine oversight could prevent a $50-billion-catastrophe like the 2015 dam collapse in Brazil. Marc Beaudry, founder and CEO of Otus Intel, gave an interview to the ABC about spaceborne...