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Take the blind spots out of your business

Otus is at the convergence of major trends shaping business risk and investments.  The availability of high resolution satellite imagery, investors requiring more transparency from the organisation they invest in and sustainability or ESG performance proven to impact organisation’s bottom line.


Everything we do starts with satellite imagery

We leverage imagery from some of the world’s most powerful commercial satellites and turn into actionable intelligence products used by a wide range of clients.

From pixel to critical intelligence

Through proprietary processing techniques and data analytics, we deliver unparalleled access to intelligence that drives better decisions and allows organisations to understand their exposure to risk in a whole new light.

Data products tailored for a wide audience

We pride ourselves in delivering data products that can be used by both technical and non technical users to enable efficient decision making and support organisations in a fast paced world.


Accessible spatial intelligence


Since our intelligence is derived from satellite imagery, we give you access to the world.


Access critical intelligence from an unbiased third party to validate information that is being disclosed.


Democratising the use of spatial intelligence, from homeowners to large mining companies... and everything in between.

Historical and Forward Looking

Leveraging deep data archives, we can go back in time to investigate or support due diligence on important business decision.

Advanced analytics

We extract and fuse critical insight from imagery and other sources of information... to help you make sense of it all.

Spatial intelligence products for a wide range of users


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