About Otus

Find out about who we are, who we serve and what drives us

Spatial intelligence products tailored for decision makers

We create data products that have a transformative impact on the industries we serve, developing solutions to help executive level personnel manage risk, protect their company’s reputation and improve their sustainability profile.

We work with our clients to make spatial data something that transforms the way they do business at a corporate level in the short, medium and long term.


We serve leaders and decision makers in major functions across entire organisations

  • Operations

  • Sustainability

  • Technical Services

  • Finance

  • Environment

  • Public Relations

  • Investor Relations

  • Risk & Compliance

  • Strategy & Planning

  • Legal

What we believe in

Our core values are the foundation of our culture, our brand, and our business strategy, they embody who we are as a company, guide our decisions and inspire everything we do.

  • Improved oversight

    We empower decision makers with direct access to unbiased critical insight to support day-to-day decisions.

  • Simple is powerful

    We bring value to our clients by turning complex technology into easy to use and insightful spatial intelligence tools..

  • Global reach

    We use satellite imagery as our core source of data to enable the delivery of consistent intelligence products across entire organisations wherever they operate.

  • Driving value

    We purposely focus on impacting our client’s bottom line, whether through the optimisation of their current resources or creating value for their assets.

  • Risk focused

    Identify and quantify potential problems from an early stage to support proactive deployment of mitigation measures.

  • Sustainability driven

    We believe that sustainability in any industry can be achieved through better data. It drives everything we do.

Otus is proud to work with global business and technology leaders: