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ABC interview: BHP Samarco tailings dam disaster

Spaceborne data analytics and better mine oversight could prevent a $50-billion-catastrophe like the 2015 dam collapse in Brazil.

Marc Beaudry, founder and CEO of Otus Intel, gave an interview to the ABC about spaceborne technologies available in the market today that could have potentially averted the disaster.

“Satellite technologies like InSAR should now be used for proactive risk management rather than a modelling tool to monitor surface movement and provide warning to mine operators so they can take the necessary measures to maintain the integrity of critical infrastructures.”

InSAR is just one of the broad range of product offering by Otus Intel that is specifically designed to serve mining executives. This unique solution provides a full picture of what’s going at the mine – even things invisible to the naked eye – that can help mining executives and operations managers gain better control over the structural integrity of infrastructures by leveraging spaceborne technologies. Apart from mitigating risk, Otus Intel services can help mining companies meet their environmental and safety targets while safeguarding their reputation. The merging of mining and spaceborne technologies can lead to more cost-efficient, sustainable and reputable mining practices.

For a full interview on ABC, see here

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