ABC Interview: The state of Australia’s space industry

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Marc Beaudry, CEO and founder of Otus Intel, talks to the ABC about why the private sector is at the driver’s seat when it comes to space innovation. He also discusses the future of Australia’s space industry and what the government can do to aid its development.

Due to dramatic cost reduction in entering the industry, space entrepreneurs from the world over are getting in on the game.

“In the past if you wanted to work in space you had to be American to work in NASA or you had to be Russian. Now, because of private industries driving this, it’s going to open the doors to pretty much anybody to get into the game.”

Mr Beaudry remains optimistic about the future of space innovation in Australia, which does not have a space program.

“Interesting times for Australia because they have the capacity (to develop a space industry), they just never had the backing to do it,”

“I think the Government is trying to remove some of the hurdles or the bureaucratic hurdles that were there in the past,” Mr Beaudry added.

“Australia has a lot of good engineers, I believe that potentially (people) would not have to move to the US to work in space.”

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