Monitor client behaviour in real time, investigate events, understand your risk exposure


The insurance sector is all about risk. Our data products provide both a holistic view and deep-dive granular details to help brokers and underwriters assess insurance risk.

Rather than solely relying on past incidents or failures, insurers can monitor customer behaviour in near real-time for more accurate premium setting and leverage imagery pro and post disaster to assess damage should disaster strike.

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Assess post disaster damage
Make quick assessment of damage following disasters with before and after analysis to accelerate payouts and estimate total claims
Detect temporal change
Monitor temporal land use change to keep up to land use classification for optimal understanding or risk exposure.
Monitor client behaviour
How do your clients behave when notified of potential risk, do they react or do they roll the dice knowing their insurer will pick up the bill?
Understand your exposure to risk
Issues that might be invisible to the naked eye often lead to costly claims, make sure you use all the tools available to minimize the risk.
Optimize resource allocation
Assess damage and keep an eye on all the assets you are insuring, to minimize time consuming and costly site visits.
Limit fraudulent claims
Get your hands on the data you need to make quick assessment, reduce and fight costly fraudulent claims.


Image module

11 December 2017

How satellite imagery and big data analytics are changing the insurance industry

The insurance industry is increasingly embracing the use of satellite images for a quick overall loss estimate, especially in cases of natural disasters. This saves insurers time, allow them to promptly assess their risk exposure and more accurately process claims.