Invest with confidence, understand liabilities on acquisition targets


With a large number of assets changing hands, proper due diligence is paramount. Our data products can help buyers get the whole story before investing millions of dollars, including a clear understanding of the environmental liability and risk attached to their acquisition target, helping determine liabilities at the time of transaction and potentially impact cost negotiations.

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Understand liabilities on acquisitions
Use spatial intelligence to assess potential structural and environmental liabilities on acquisitions targets, which may impact cost negotiations.
Improve transparency
Access data from an independent third party directly before making a decision on an investment or an acquisition.
Compliance with industry standards
Spatial data intelligence to ease compliance to industry sustainability standards (ICMM's 10 Principles and IFC's Sustainability Framework) to facilitate access to capital.
Optimize capital allocation
Consistent data across all your assets, to efficiently determine where capital should be allocated to address your organisations most pressing needs.
Identify ethical investments
Identify ethical investment opportunities through spatial data intelligence, to sort out the organisations with sustainable business practices.
Assess risk exposure on investments
Invest with confidence by keeping an eye on how the organisations you invest in manage risk, to minimize the impact of large scale disasters or business interruptions on stock value.


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17 September 2017

Hedge funds gaining trading edge through satellite imagery

Hedge Fund managers are getting more sophisticated in their forecasting. No longer are they leaving their “guess work” to market analysis or company quarterly reports. Instead, more and more hedge funds are flocking to get their hands on satellite data to “survey” their potential investment themselves.