What drives us, what we believe in
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We strive to create data products that have a transformative impact on the industries we serve, developing powerful solutions to help organisations manage risk and enhance their sustainability profile


Our core values are the foundation of our culture, our brand, and our business strategy, they embody who we are as a company, guide our decisions and inspire everything we do.

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Consistently exceed expectations
We believe in being highly engaged with our clients to develop products that will consistently exceed their expectations and help them meet their ever-changing challenges.
Simple is powerful
We believe that turning complex technology into products that are easy to use provide more value to our clients. We strive to develop data products that will unlock the use of spatial data across entire organisations.
Driven by sustainability
Our intelligence products are driven by our belief that sustainability in any industry can be achieve through better data. By helping our clients visualise things they wouldn't normally be able to see, we enable them to share critical data with local communities and reach or even exceed their sustainability targets.
Empowering individuals
Our passion is to help organisations by creating products that can be used by a wide range of people effortlessly. This passion is also shared internally as we challenge our own people to contribute new ideas to always push towards more innovative solutions.