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Our focus has always been and will always be to provide high value data products, making sure that the returns our clients get from using our products far outweighs the cost and can be easily assessed.  We deliver value in a number of ways.

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Minimise delays and interruptions
We understand that delays and interruptions can easily amount to tens of millions of dollars of weekly revenue losses. Whether the delay is due to compliance issues or permitting, or even public opposition, our goal is to deliver products that can be used to minimise these delays to a minimum, by enabling proactive management of risk and providing visual products that can be easily shared with local stakeholders or government agencies.
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Improve allocation of resources
By using spaceborne platforms, we can cover large areas even beyond operational boundaries to get a clear understanding of the risk allowing our clients to be everywhere, without going anywhere. This allows for a more efficient allocation of personnel and financial resources on the ground while covering more ground and keeping a close look on both low and high risk areas.
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Get data to the right people quickly
No software, no plugin... we generate powerful data products and make them accessible through an easy to use cloud based platform to enable quick access to more users within every organisation we serve. We believe you shouldn't have to choose who gets to use our data products based on licensing or training costs. Focus should be on tackling the challenges your organisation faces every single day.