Turn hindsight into foresight

Structural, environmental and social risk based spatial intelligence for your fast-paced world
From spatial data to actionable intelligence. Making the invisible come to light.

Every decision is only as good as the insight used to make it. By investing in developing state of the art processing techniques, we turn imagery from the world’s best commercial satellites into insight you can trust.

Need to make decisions quickly and confidently?  You need timely and relevant intelligence. We mine through millions of data points to extract what is important for your day-to-day operations.

Get the full picture
With near real-time oversight, know exactly what is happening on the ground to proactively respond to potential risks.
Minimize delays
Prevent or minimize expensive delays or interruptions due to permitting, compliance or unforeseen events.
Operational optimization
Cover more ground beyond operational boundaries with less staff. Monitor low and high risk areas with confidence.

Data products to visualize the invisible

We develop data products to help resource sector executives manage environmental and social risks throughout the life of a project, enabling cost efficient and sustainable practices.

Our innovative data products come from looking at geospatial data in a different way, using advanced processing and fusion techniques to let the data tell the story.

Ever wondered how things you cannot see impact your day-to-day operations?

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    Coordinate data acquisition from multiple sources
    All eyes on your assets - we coordinate the acquisition of data from multiple commercial satellites and throwing in other non-spatial data sources.
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    Advanced processing and data fusion
    We make the invisible become visible, using proprietary data processing and fusion techniques.
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    Actionable data products through alerts
    We highlight potential risk or problems, and deliver alerts through our online platform to facilitate business-critical decision-making.

Otus’ data products can help operators meet their environmental and social responsibilities and align with industry standards such as the ICMM 10 Principles and the IFC Sustainability Framework.

Flexible data products for a wide range of users

No matter what area of or how you work with the mining sector, geospatial data can be used in a number of ways and can be turned into powerful tools when merged or fused with other non spatial datasets.  Read more about how the wide array of organisations in the mining sector benefits from our data products.

From mine operators, insurance companies they share risk with, investors looking for sustainable investments or government agencies, we cover all the bases.

Not just analysis, it’s actionable intelligence.

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Metals & Mining
Ever-changing regulatory requirements and lofty sustainability targets are challenging mine operators. They can use our data products to get the full picture of what is happening on the ground for proactive risk management, optimize operations and efficient decision-making.
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The insurance sector is all about risk. Our data products provide both a holistic view and deep-dive granular details for assessing insurance risk. Rather than solely relying on past incidents or failures, insurers can monitor customer behaviour in near real-time for more accurate premium setting.
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Due diligence
With a large number of assets changing hands, proper due diligence is paramount. Our data products can help buyers get the whole story before investing millions of dollars, including a clear understanding of the environmental liability and risk attached to their acquisition target, helping determine liabilities at the time of transaction and potentially impact cost negotiations.
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For the safety and health of communities, governments need to monitor active and abandoned mines, and identify and prioritize risks. Our data products allow the efficient identification of abandoned sites that require immediate attention and support compliance, accelerate permitting and facilitate monitoring of active facilities.


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