Turn hindsight into foresight
Geospatial data analytics for the mining sector.
Get the full picture
With near real-time oversight, know exactly what’s going on so you can actively respond to risks.
Minimize delays
Prevent or minimize expensive delays or interruptions due to permitting, compliance or unforeseen events.
Improve monitoring
Cover more ground with less staff. Monitor a large area with less resources.

Business Intelligence for the Mining Sector

The resource sector is under huge pressures: economic downturn, demand for new standards of sustainability, and the threat of project delays. Geospatial data – objective and third-party – can offer a host of solutions in ways that you might not have ever thought of – to improve your business and help your bottom line.

What we do

We help executives and managers in the resource sector to manage environmental and social risks throughout the life of a project, save money and protect your reputation.

Our innovative data products come from new ways at looking at geospatial and non-geospatial data. They’ll give you oversight and insight that’s not only beneficial but is essential for all businesses working with the mining sector.

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Multiple Data Sources
We coordinate data acquisition from the world’s best commercial satellites along with a number of non-spatial datasets.
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Advanced Processing
Then we use advanced proprietary processing and data fusion techniques – to make the invisible become visible
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Risk Alerts
We then deliver data products as alerts to highlight risk and facilite business-critical decision-making.

What we offer

  • Mining One
    Project Stage: Early exploration, mine planning, and feasibility to construction
    This package of services and deliverables is specifically designed for early stage projects, from exploration to site construction. Designed to allow to a full understanding of environmental and social risks, you’ll reap the benefits of monitoring environmental signals, social media indicators, historical and current weather patterns and news feeds that are relevant to your business.
  • Mining Two
    Project stage: Construction, operation and decommissioning
    For projects at construction stage, ramping up production, fully operational sites or areas under rehabilitation following mine closure, this package includes all services and deliverables from “Early State Projects” and adds information about surface movement, the structural integrity of critical infrastructure (e.g. dams, buildings, mine-induced subsidence and edge-of-pit stability) and the physical impacts that operations may have on third-party assets such as roads, railways and towns.

Otus’ data products can help you meet environmental and social responsibilities and to align with industry standards like the ICMM 10 Principles and the IFC Sustainability Framework.


No matter what area of or how you work with the mining sector, geospatial data can play a plethora of positive roles. Read more about how the wide array of organisations in the mining sector can reap the benefits of our products. It’s not just analysis, it’s actionable Its advantages may surprise you.

Mine Operators

Ever-changing regulatory requirements and lofty sustainability targets are challenging mine operators. Your operators can use our data products to get the full picture of what is happening on the ground for proactive risk management and smarter decision-making.


The insurance sector is all about risk. Our data products provide you with both a holistic view and deep-dive granular details for assessing insurance risk. Rather than relying on past incidents or failures, you can monitor customer behaviour in near real-time – and set prices more accurately.

Due Diligence

Mine sites are constantly and regularly changing hands, but you could lose everything without proper due diligence. Get the whole story before you invest millions of dollars, including a clear understanding of the environmental liability and risk attached to your target for acquisition. Our data products can help determine liabilities at the time of transaction and even help you with cost negotiations.


For the safety and health of communities, governments need to monitor abandoned mines, and identify and prioritize risks. Yet it’s a challenge to monitor and enforce environmental and safety regulations. Our data products allow the efficient identification of sites that require immediate attention and keep an eye on other assets – without having to hire people on the ground.

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