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Integrated spaceborne solutions and data analytics for the boardroom.

Our spaceborne solutions and data analytics help you get the full picture of your business and see the invisible. By visualising your business from space, we help you better manage risks, uncover hidden liabilities and empower you to make well informed decisions.

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Our Solutions

Delivering critical data products

Advanced spatial layers, social media analytics, weather and financial data – we bring them all together to provide powerful tools to see your business in a new light.

Our solutions find a wide range of applications across multiple departments – allowing for optimal value across the entire organisation, reducing redundancy and improving transparency.  Easy to use and intuitive, our products are suited for everyday users.

The data products we generate allow our clients to see things that are invisible to the naked eye.

Ever wondered how things you cannot see impact your day-to-day business?

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A range of solutions

Find out how our data products help a number of organisations linked to the resource sector.

From a number of departments inside resource companies, to the insurance sector they share risk with, to investors and government agencies, we can provide value for an array of users.

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Resource Operators

At a time where resource companies must operate with limited resources, the need to leverage technology to meet regulatory requirements and reach environmental and sustainability targets becomes paramount.

Our range of data products allow operators to get a full picture of what is happening on the ground and get consistent data across all their operations wherever they are, allowing better decision making and proactive risk management through enhanced internal communications.

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Our unique solutions help our clients get a deeper understanding of risk, by providing a more granular level of details and a holistic view for insurance risk assessment.

This leads to more accurate price setting by not only looking at historical risk but also customer behaviour in near real time, adding a critical layer of data.

We are helping insurance companies take a proactive approach by predicting rather than reacting to events.



Governments are facing an ever more challenging task of monitoring and enforcing environmental and safety regulations in the resource sector without having to send boots on the ground.

As financial liability due to the management of abandoned mine sites grows, using spaceborne imagery and advanced processing techniques allows government agencies to efficiently identify sites that require immediate attention and keep an eye on other lower risk assets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With a growing number of assets changing hands, buyers can now get a better understanding of the environmental liability and risk attached to an acquisition target.

Leveraging spaceborne imagery and some advanced processing techniques can help determine liabilities at the time of transaction and even impact cost negotiations.

Wouldn’t you like to get the full picture before buying a $100M dollar asset?

Mergers and Acquisitions

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