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Introducing the corporate toolbox to manage social and environmental risk.

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Do more work with less personnel on the ground, and keep an eye on both low and high risk assets.
Keep an eye on all your sites remotely through the eyes of an independent third party.
Monitor dangerous assets and hard to reach areas remotely. Reduce travel costs and hours spent in transit.
Business Interruptions
Minimise delays and business interruptions through proactive risk management and better transparency.


Comprehensive monitoring programs and analytics for the resource sector.  We draw on imagery from several satellites and analytics to empower executives to better manage environmental, social and business risks.

We produce over 30 signals, from monitoring ground stability with millimetre precision to extracting change in vegetation health.

    Surface Movement Monitoring
    Tailing Dams Stability, Mine Induced Subsidence, Stock or Waste Pile Stability, (...)
    Vegetation Health, Surface Water Levels
    Monitor changes in vegetation health, Surface water levels, Soil and sediment runoff, (...)
    Monitor changes in land use
    Encroachment, Illegal Mining, Land Cover Classification, (...)
    Analyse Online Content
    Identify key influencers, Track engagement volume, Measure your social media performance (...)
    Analyse historical weather
    Historical Rainfall, Sun Exposure, Temperatures, (...)
    Track RSS Feeds
    Company News, Mining Sustainability, Mining Technology, (...)
Need to know quickly where you need to focus your attention? We generate alerts based on temporal change to help you make educated decisions on the go.
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Signals, alerts, you can access it all on our browser based dashboard. No need to install software, login and access all your data instantly.


A range of organisations linked to the resource sector leverage our data products to gain an edge.

At a time where resource companies must operate with limited resources, the need to leverage technology to meet regulatory requirements and reach environmental and sustainability targets becomes paramount.

Our range of data products allow operators to get a full picture of what is happening on the ground and get consistent data across all their operations wherever they are, allowing better decision making and proactive risk management through enhanced internal communications.

Don’t leave any stones unturned.

Our unique solutions help our clients get a deeper understanding of risk, by providing a more granular level of details and a holistic view for insurance risk assessment.

This leads to more accurate price setting by not only looking at historical risk but also customer behaviour in near real time, adding a critical layer of data.  We are helping insurance companies take a proactive approach by predicting rather than reacting to events.

When it comes to mitigating business risk, quick access to data is critical.

Governments are facing the ever more challenging task of monitoring and enforcing environmental and safety regulations in the resource sector.

With growing financial liability due to the management of abandoned mine sites, leveraging spaceborne imagery and advanced processing techniques allows governments to efficiently identify sites that require immediate attention and keep an eye on other lower risk assets.

Satellite imagery allows for the efficient allocation of public funds.

With a growing number of assets changing hands, buyers can now get a better understanding of the environmental liability and risk attached to an acquisition target.

Leveraging spaceborne imagery can help determine liabilities at the time of transaction and even impact cost negotiations.

Wouldn’t you like to get the full picture before buying a $100M dollar asset?

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